A business is like a garden...

"I see business as a garden, our own dream garden.

Firstly, created in our hearts, secondly, visualized in our minds, and thirdly, brought to life through our hands. Isn't it beautiful?

We choose the place, the ground it will sit on and grow into.

We decide what to plant, how to do it, and what decorations to use, if any.

We select the tools needed to maintain it, learning about gardening as we go—taking courses, reading books, and chatting with other gardeners.

We are thrilled, excited, and in love with our garden.

We breathe with it, eat there, and sometimes even sleep there.

After a while, as seasons change, challenges arise. We recalibrate, readjust, and learn new ways, always being loved and nurtured by our garden. With time, we acquire new plants, flowers, and trees, discovering new ornaments.

As seasons come and go, we grow with our garden.

Yet, there comes a moment when we realize we lack time for other things and people. To maintain harmony in life, something needs to change.

That's where other gardeners or supporters come in handy—they love helping and caring. They may know as much as you do, but their strength complements your weaknesses.

Maybe they love removing weeds, do it quicker, or know tools and strategies you don't.

They can save your time, allowing you to focus on more plants and flowers.

While you might know everything and can do it all by yourself, remember, you can get there faster alone, but you can get further with others.

In gratitude