I am thrilled you are here! It means you and your business are growing and you are looking for someone who can free up your time, assist you with tasks that you do not necessarily need to do and help you scale up so you can do more of what you love!

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    Hey there, I'm Magda, the heart and soul behind this creative space. I'm not just here to offer services; I'm here to be your partner in transforming ideas into reality.


    I'm a passionate advocate for the power of personalized communication. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned creator, or someone with a spark of inspiration, I'm here to amplify your voice in the digital realm. I believe in the magic that happens when authenticity meets technology, and I'm on a mission to make that magic happen for you.


    In this corner of the digital world, you'll find a range of services tailored to elevate your online presence. From crafting impactful email campaigns that resonate with your audience to designing personalized funnels that tell your story, each offering is a piece of the puzzle in your unique journey.

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    I offer a variety of services for your needs to help you grow and streamline your business and manage it with more ease, love and pleasure. My services include:

    • ''done for you'' services starting with the most basic administrative tasks, ending with advanced, technical support
    • retainer packages, with hourly support, so you can combine services to suit your needs
    • intuitive business consultations that act like a mirror, so we can lean into your gaps and help ypu create a plan to move forward,
    • Silent Counselling sessions that allow you to release any blockages that may be stopping you from getting more visible.

    You know exactly what you need (a nurtirung email marketing automation set up, sale page design, ecommerce set up etc) - this service is for you.

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    • Set up & systems configuration
    • System audit
    • Setting up automations like: Hello, Lead Magnet, Webinar, Reactivation, Online Course, after sale nd other...
    • Lead Magnet configuration
    • Lead Magnet creation
    • Subscriber segmentation
    • System organisation
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    • Online course platform audit and management
    • Ecommerce management
    • Customer & Technical Support
    • Building funnels
    • Designing & managing checkout pages
    • Online course material creation
    • Automation & Integration
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    • Wordpress / Squarespace / Kajabi management
    • SEO keywords research
    • Blog management
    • Plugin updates
    • Landing page design
    • Sales page design
    • WooCommerce management
    • Lead Magnet creation
    • Content Upgrade creation
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    • Inbox Audit
    • Inbox decluttering
    • Inbox organisation and system building
    • Inbox processes and automations
    • Inbox management care - looking after your inbox, responding to your e-mails, and keeping all organised and in place





    Book a connection call and let's check how can I help you. During the call we will discover what you really need and how I can help you.

    After a call you will receive a proposal for your specific needs.



    I will then invite you to sign a contract and make a payment. You will receive a Welcome Pack and I will ask you for to pass necessary information and materials for me to start the project. If the project requires a strategy chat, we will set up a meeting.



    We both know what you need, and I deliver! If the project requires strategy meeting or follo w up chats, these happen here.


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    Hourly packages

    starting from 10 hr / month

    35 GBP

    per hour

    • You have 30 days to use the package.
    • Min 3-month collaboration.
    • You can combine services.
    • Packages available: 10 & 15 hrs.
    • Great for these who need ongoing support for different, small and slightly bigger tasks, that cannot be put into a package.
    • By buying a package - you have my time guaranteed!
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    60 min session


    70 GBP

    • 60 min consultation
    • These sessions focus on:
      - any tech challenge you are facing in your business,
      - hands on teaching and supporting to learn new softwares or strategies,
      - looking for a tech solutions for your business,
      - looking to set up automation but you are not sure how to integrate systems and run them smoothly,
      - you faced some technical issue and cannot move past it.
    • This sessions are to help you take another step forward where you have been feeling stuck for some time.



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    75 min session


    111 GBP

    • 75 min session where we lean into the challenge or your tech goal.
    • Service includes pre-session questionnaire and after-session feedback.
    • It is a strategy call where we focus on the goal, tackle it so when you leave our time together, you feel empowered, focused and with a plan how to implement the change.




    If you're too comfortable, it's time to move on. Terrified of what's next?

    You're on the right track.



    ___ Susan Fales-Hill