Entrepreneurial path can be a lonely journey but it does not have to. It can be a beautiful journey, journey of self discovery and absolute miracles too!


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    Hey there! I'm Magda Kolodziejczyk. Intuitive & heart-centered Virtual Assistant & Business Consultant.

    Since 2017 I've been helping female entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses, scale up and manifest their business goals.

    As a small business owner, I know myself how limited our time is and how consuming being behind everything in the business can be. My approach is different; it's intuitive. I combine a marketing approach with a simple heart-centered, intuitive and mindful way of working, honouring a cyclical approch that fits in with the moons and menstrual phases.


    My mission is to support other business women to bring their vision to life, by supporting them with tech & automations, and allowing them to be elevated in their zone of genius, serving as many people as possible in their work.





    “Find a life worth enjoying; take risks; love deeply; have no regrets; and always, always have rebellious hope”.




    I take a holistic approach when working with female entrepreneurs. I not only help you create systems and automations but also will be able to implement them if you are not a tech person, and doing it brings you frustrations and drains your energy.


    When working with me, you not only have someone to help you set up systems, automate them, and take care of implementing them. I get you. I understand what it means to step onto an entrepreneurial journey that can be a really lonely one at the beginning. Start delegating when everything seems to take so much time and requires so much attention and time.


    With my clear and structured onboarding system, we will quickly start and confidently build our collaboration. I will walk with you through a delegation process, supporting you with my expertise, helping you to simplify and automate systems, taking these tasks off your hands that you do not have to do.


    All of these will be nicely tucked around my personal approach that combines marketing and individual strategies. Each of us is different, and there is no one-done-for-all strategy and approach. I listen very closely, adjust to your individual needs, and might invite you to lean into cyclical living and running the business if you feel it resonates. Check out my blog articles to learn more about cyclical business. More resources coming up soon.


    • Nature is my love language.
    • When I am not at home, I am out in nature; the place where I channel and get all my inspiration!
    • Natural, balanced & healthy lifestyle is my aim & passion.
    • I love the magic of moonology and have discoverred a cyclical way of living and running my business which has revolutionized my productivity making sure I take valuable time for myself and my own self care.
    • I am a mother of one and this has been the most profound personal development journey for sure.
    • I am a cat lover! But dogs have a special space in my heart too.
    • My power animal is a hummingbird, which came to me in 2020 and showed me the beauty of nature and all its sacred geometry. You can check my non-filtered, all-natural photography on my IG profile here.
  • Let me help you make an impact and scale your business